About US


Ripper Inc. 256 started out as a group of individuals with immense passion for perfection of creative mixing of music. Along the way, it was discovered that every individual member had more than just one talent.

The solution was to refine & channel all this passion and talent into solutions to inspire others and bridge the huge service requirement gap in the industry.

Most of the members didn’t have a sound pedigree, but their gifts wouldn’t go unnoticed, this paved way for a whole new line of competences which today define the different services offered by Ripper Inc. 256 to the rest of the world. 

Characterized by a high level of discipline, competence, customer experience, superior quality of service, professionalism, commitment, integrity and unmatched credibility, Ripper Inc. 256 now provides the most ideal and cost efficient  solutions to cater to all your entertainment needs from simple to complex.

Our primary market are middle class and up town clients who support our initiatives with recommendations and prefer our solutions because they’re unique in delivery and are one-stop.


Our solutions include; Talent Management, PA Systems, Professional DJ Academy, State of the Electronics Workshop, Content Development Production & Distribution, Application Development etc.