Professional DJ academY (Learn to DJ)

Are you looking to learn the fundamentals of mixing, scratching and blending music on internationally recognised and celebrated DJ gear? Look no further than our well-equipped facility and array of skilled tutors to guide you through your journey whether you’re a DJ or just an enthusiast.

Our academy is endorsed by the DJ Association of Uganda and has its syllabus in alignment with international academies


Our packages include:


  • DJ history
  • Basic music theory & song structure
  • Introduction to hardware
  • Intermediate

  • Understanding Key Mixing
  • Basic music theory & song structure
  • Ins & outs of equipment       (turntables,mixers, speakers)
  • Basic scratching and timing (CDJs)
  • Advanced

  • DJ history
  • Advanced Scratching
  • Recording Sets within software
  • Creating playlists sets /crates and       Understanding file organization
  • Turntablism (Calibration, Setup,       Scratching)
  • The “Learn from anywhere” (Mobile Lab) program

    At the Ripper Inc. 256 DJ Academy, we offer private lessons from beginners and enthusiasts to experienced individuals suitable for you who may prefer anonymity, convenience and privacy. We offer you a dedicated tutor and tailor our content to fit within your schedule and needs respectively on a “find you anywhere" basis.

    The Holiday program (Coming Soon)

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