Aleck, also known as Mulumba Alex is a disciplined, God fearing and enthusiastic young adult that was born and bred in Kampala district, the capital of Uganda on the 6th of June.

His interest in disc jockeying in the EDM genre begun while in his 1st year at University on YouTube watching Kaskade at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami in 2013. It was then that he felt the connection with dance music and freed from the limitations that came with the music he’d been accustomed to.

He quickly made the switch to EDM and spent a considerable amount of time listening to other Electronic disc jockeys while replicating their sound with his own spinning technique.  

Aleck played at the former “Hive Mukono” now PintVille Lounge and Bar, taking on their Rock and EDM themed night from 2013 till 2014 before taking a break off disc jockeying to finalize his bachelor’s degree in Development Studies from Uganda Christian University (UCU) 

His pursuit would lead him to join RIPPER INC. 256, a home to several other like-minded and equally passionate individuals in late 2016.,