Lieven Peeters

Lieven Peeters

Lieven Peeters is Belgian and has lived in Uganda for 10 years. He currently resides in Kampala after being in the Western Region for most of those years. After having different stage names over the years, he currently plays under the name Mr LPe.

Lieven started disc jockeying about 20 years ago, after getting himself one turntable and a basic mixer then started buying vinyl records on an intensive basis. Being mainly into hiphop he quickly got interested in the technical part of disc jockeying and enjoyed trying to learn himself some scratch and breaking techniques. 

He was mainly playing in local clubs and parties and he gathered more experience by meeting up with friend DJs and participating in battles. He also played regularly for a Belgian HipHop band

Coming from Europe he has seen quite a difference in the DJ scene there compared to the one in Uganda which he confirms to be steadily growing in terms of professionalism. He is passionate about the art and having seen the whole evolution of disc jockeying, is eager to share his experience and skills with Ugandan enthusiasts with the same passion. 

Lieven believes it’s just a matter of time before a new generation of top professional deejays stands up in this country. Supporting Ripper Inc. 256’s initiatives to make the art of disc jockeying and turntablism accessible for the Ugandan youth was therefore a very easy and logical decision for him.