mr. Kym Ezra

Mr. Kym Ezra

Born on 1st of March in Kampala Mr. Kym Ezra otherwise known as Mucunguzi Ezra, is a  self-motivated and hard working young, man well known for his popular Xtendz Music Mixes which have earned him a following all over Africa from several disc jockeys and music promoters who download and follow them. 

Kym Ezra’s passion for disc jockeying is natural and started off in the year 2007 where along the way, he met up with other passionate individuals and worked together to improve their craft and unlike other disc jockeys, Mr. Kym Ezra mostly does events and outdoor entertainment.

Away from disc jockeying, Mr. Kym Ezra holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology which he surely applies in his day to day activities.He also does entertainment in schools all over Uganda with a touch of mobile 3D cinema.