HERE ARE 32 REASONS…  


  • We are endorsed by the DJ Association of Uganda (DJAU), the governing body of all disc jockeys in Uganda
  • Receive a certificate at the end of a successful course counter-signed by our CEO and the CEO of DJAU
  • Join the DJAU at no extra cost (covered by us)
  • We have versatile, widely experienced and multiple dedicated tutors and turntablists both male and female, preceded by their reputations
  • We feature from time-to-time expatriate tutors and disc jockeys from across borders
  • We follow a world-class syllabus in alignment with the requirements of DJAU, so we prepare you for the local and international market.
  • Turn your creative thoughts into reality with the right guidance and perfect nurturing of your raw talent. (We can make you better than you thought you could get)
  • Develop other professional skills beyond disc jockeying like entrepreneurship, management and marketing among others. Turn your passion into a success story.
  • Learn the real art of disc jockeying on internationally celebrated and recognized gear with extremely skilled professionals (Technics Turntables)
  • Stand a chance to win scholarships in other areas of our expertise or courses other than the ones subscribed
  • Get hands-on experience in the different fields with access to all you need in one place for example PA wiring and trouble shooting
  • Get valid recommendations post course by us and DJAU
  • Get a chance to show-case your acquired skill on the different DJAU shows like the Zzina mix show on 100.2 Galaxy FM
  • We give you access to full-time dedicated gear WITH NO interruptions
  • Stand an opportunity to be inducted into our group of the elite; Ripper Inc. 256
  • Get gigs from us depending on your skill set and their availability
  • Receive free access to career guidance training and work ethics workshops/ mentor-ship programs
  • Have your profile featured on our website and your testimony on our channel
  • Have access to our other multiple services at huge discounts
  • Have your mixes featured on our website (Pick of the week)
  • Receive accolades in honor of your participation in our courses
  •  Have your photo/ apparel featured in our Lab as an inspiration to others
  • Have access to our wide network of entertainment influencers and build good working relationships
  • We offer you flexibility and convenience with our “Learn from anywhere” program
  • Our facility features ample parking space and a quiet ambiance suitable for maximum concentration
  • Our prices are competitive compared to international academies that offer similar quality of service
  • Our location is convenient and easy to access from just about anywhere
  • Our classrooms are dedicated and tailored for this purpose with enough sitting, writing and practicing space
  • We offer weekend classes 
  • We offer after work classes
  • We offer holiday programs (coming soon) suitable for school going kids
  • Our personnel is highly complaint to our code of conduct and this makes us stand out.
                                                                                      With us, the list is endless and the benefits countless…
                                                                                                    Ripper Inc. 256, Perfection is a norm